Cashco Appoints Flame Arrestor Experts Group

Published November 04, 2019 20:49

Cashco, Inc. has appointed a Flame Arrestor Experts Group to better service their Customers. The group will consist of Mike Bemister as Outside Sales, Brad Maddux and Cody Bird as Inside Sales. Mike Bemister and Brad Maddux will operate out of the regional office in Houston, Texas. Cody Bird will operate out of the headquarters in Ellsworth, Kansas.

“The flame arrestor market is very competitive, not only from a pricing standpoint but from a technical standpoint as well,” said Mike Bemister. “Everyone on the Experts Group will be highly trained on where our products fit in the Flame Arrestor Industry. At full strength, we will be able to leverage into markets we haven’t previously discovered. With the addition of the United States Coast Guard approval in the U.S., we will be chasing the marine dock applications,” said Mike. “We will see growth within the arrestor business as well as some of our other products, such as, Cashco regulators and other VCI products.”

Mike is excited to have Cody and Brad in the group as the Inside Sales Experts. “Both Cody and Brad are young, energetic, eager to learn, and have competitive natures. I look forward to watching them work together as professionals but also challenging each other as well,” said Mike.

Cody Bird, Inside Sales said, “I am looking forward to working with Mike and Brad to gather more information and increase my knowledge about the flame arrestor line.” Brad Maddux, Inside Sales said, “Working in the new role alongside Mike and Cody will be very exciting. We are gaining more knowledge and gathering data to present to our customers in a way that we really haven’t had before. I am very pleased to be a part of the Flame Arrestor Experts Group.”

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